Monday, March 31, 2008

How to display your beach treasures by Laurie Novak

Ever wonder what to do with all those shells (and sea glass if you’re lucky) you pick up on your walks on the beach?

Here are some ideas:

Use large shells and pieces of sea glass to decorate a wreath for your front door. Wrap a grapevine wreath with ribbon, then glue shells & glass (I love Tacky glue) to wreath. You can also drill small holes in most shells. Although quahog shells sometimes break, oyster and mussel shells can be drilled easily without cracking.

Use small shells to make jewelry. Perfect oyster shells or mussel shells make great necklaces, while smaller shells can make nice anklets. Thin coated wire and beads are available at most craft stores. Use your imagination and have fun!

Use tiny shells to make a sailor’s valentine. While octagonal boxes (traditional) can be hard to find, most craft stores offer many sizes of boxes with glass fronts which can be used for artistic display of your shells. See how many different designs, flowers, beach scenes, etc. you can create. Staples stocks a foam core board which is easily cut to the size of your box, and which comes in a color that mimics sand and is a great background for your shells. Create your design on the foam core board and when it is complete, glue to the inside of the box at the corners.

And if you are lucky enough to catch a fish or some shellfish, check out my Cape Cod cooking recipes on my website for some delicious ideas: Salt water fishing on Cape Cod does not require a license, but shell fishing does, issued by the town you intend to do your fishing in, so don’t neglect that important requirement. When you are ready to invest in your own piece of Cape Cod (shell fish licenses are SO much cheaper if you’re a tax payer), call me at (508) 308-0737.

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