Monday, July 21, 2008


Walking the beach is a common practice for many visitors on Cape Cod. Eastham offers a couple of options. You can head off to Coast Guard or Nauset Light Beach. Here you can experience a misty sunrise against the sound of the crashing waves. Or if you aren’t the early riser especially when you are on vacation head to the other side of Eastham to Cape Cod Bay and enjoy the quiet lapping waves against the shore and watch the crimson sun melt into the bay as you stroll along.
But, these aren’t your only options. There are other walks available to you. You may want to consider the Fort Hill Trail. Here a sweeping view of the ocean awaits you from the vantage point of a rise above the marsh. As you walk this trail you are exposed to a varied trail of habitats from an old farm field of thickets filled with rabbits and birds to a raised boardwalk taking through a Red Maple Swamp. You also experience some local history; by following in the footsteps of our local Native Americans. And don’t forget as you wind your way back towards the parking lot to take a peek into the Captain Penniman House, which is an old sea captain’s home from our whaling heritage.
If you want a little longer trail you may want to choose the Nauset Marsh Trail. This trail originates from the Salt Pond Visitors Center and winds along The Salt Pond and some upland areas. You will experience beach plums, bayberries, pitch pines and cedars. Here lives a large variety of birds along with raccoons, rabbits, foxes, squirrels and deer. As you move away from the waters edge watch and listen for the large population of wild turkeys.
If that’s not enough there are two little know usually quiet hidden trails. The Cottontail Acres Conservation Area is 24 acres at the corner of Samoset and Lawton Road. It is an enjoyable short ½ mile trail through meadows lined with pine, oak and red cedars. Or check out the Lamont Smith Conservation Area. It’s a loop trail through a pine and oak woods and even a blueberry swamp. This trail can be reached at the end of Peach Orchard Lane. Whatever you decide relax, enjoy and experience the environment that we have tried to preserve. And if you are still looking for more walks try a Orleans, Brewster and Wellfleet where adventures await.

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