Saturday, December 6, 2008

Aquatic Artist, Greg Johnson by Barbara Johnson

I’m in real estate and not very busy right now, a little problem for many of us in this business. Rather than remind everyone that home prices and mortgage rates are down, I thought I’d put in a plug for my talented son, Greg Johnson
Quoting briefly from his Biography ( ---
“Cape Cod has long been known for its beaches, the local surf, and art cultures and the live music scene. For three decades Greg has been a central part of the Cape’s local color as a legendary Nauset Beach Lifeguard, professional artist and musician.
Greg has recently made a name for himself as an aquatic artist. He studied art at Ohio Wesleyan and the University of New Hampshire and is self-taught as a painter. Looking into one of Greg’s large acrylic paintings gives the viewer a feeling of being immersed in the water with the whales and dolphins. For Greg, the aquatic life he paints represents spirituality, peace and freedom.
His work is displayed in galleries, private homes, libraries, banks, shops, and local business offices. Most recently, Greg has opened a gallery and studio in East Orleans.”

To view his work, call 508-246-1697 for an appointment, or check out his Website

HAPPY HOLIDAYS Barbara Johnson

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