Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cape Cod Meanderings with Barbara Johnson

There are those of us who have to be near the ocean. Maybe it’s the negative ions from the sea that energize and sooth us.
You can walk along the edge, dodging the waves as they roll in, looking for shells, hoping to find a piece of sea glass, or just a pretty rock. If the rapture of beach combing isn’t for you, looking for seals or watching the surfers is a thrill. Webster says a beach comber is a “drifter or loafer”. Soun
ds good to me. We all need a time-out occasionally.
If you’re a walker or a bike rider, there are all kinds of trails and paths, many leading down to the sea. Our National Seashore invites you to roam through the woods and fields. Bring your binoculars in case you want to do some bird watching.
Kayaking is very popular, good exercise, with easy access to calm waters. It’s also the best way to cruise along and check out all the waterfront properties.

“Mother Nature” rules here on the Cape. You can certainly enjoy a sunny day in July or stand in awe watching the storm waves crash on the beach. As the old saying goes, “If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute”.
You can tell from all this that I could never live away from the coast. If you’re as drawn to sea and sand as I am, it’s time to invest in your own piece of paradise.

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Then come home to Cape Cod, you can get lost here too.

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